Dolphin Acer

Mother London asked Nexus Interactive Arts to create an experimental installation based experience that could be rolled out on bespoke stands across Europe.


The stands acted as an extension of the current Acer Aspire S7 campaign in which Megan Fox explores her hidden passion for marine biology and uses her Acer Aspire S7 to develop software that allows her to talk to dolphins.


Nexus director, FX Goby, designed a unique photo-real experience with the Acer dolphin, life-size, chatting and playing inside a beautiful aquarium environment.


Believability was central to the experience, from the fittings of the aquarium through to the dolphins doing tricks to the tropical coral and tiny fish – it was an illusion that drew people’s gaze and encouraged them to meet and play with the dolphin.


Nexus Interactive Arts collaborated with Realise Live on the aquarium build and MPC for specialist VFX work.