Android Works Google

Interactive Installation directed by Sam Southward
Nexus Studios helped transform Google’s outdoor promenade at the Mobile World Congress 2018, into an engaging brand experience. They collaborated with creative agency Brandfuel to create fun and playful moments for users interacting with Google’s Android brand.


At the Oreostation — Google’s most popular station in the promenade — their Oreoscopes provided a fun opportunity to watch animated Androids make their ice cream. A periscope allowed users to peer into the back of the Oreostation ice cream booth and watch a whimsical animated sequence that follows hard-at-work Androids in a miniature ice-cream factory. Using the handles of the Oreoscope, users could zoom into the scenes and take a closer look at the animation. Finally, as they approached the front of the Oreostation, users received real ice-creams, rounding up the entire brand experience and leaving them with a smile.


To greet the guests, Nexus Studios produced a digital welcome sign that displayed an animated overview of the promenade, bustling with little Androids. This sign was followed by smaller signs placed around each station that guided the visitors through the brand space in an amusing way.


Further down the line, visitors discovered the bespoke quiz they created to help dispel the myths around the Android ecosystem and playfully educate people it is driving economic growth and social impact in Europe.


The experiences were a huge success, being named one of the best brand experiences of the conference by Campaign.