Rain or Shine Google Spotlight Stories

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, there’s a spring in everybody’s step. Everyone in London is enjoying a perfect summer’s day…until Ella steps outside. Everywhere she goes it rains – is she going to ruin everyone’s day forever?


Rain or Shine is Nexus’ new 360° VR film project coming later this year to Google’s Spotlight Stories. Immerse yourself in a world of storytelling made for mobile, which blends 3D and 2D animation, 360° spherical cinema-quality video, full-sphere surround sound and sensor fusion techniques.


Directed by Felix Massie, Rain or Shine follows Ella, a charismatic young girl who loves being outside in the lovely sunshine, but whenever she puts her sunglasses on all loveliness disappears – her very own raincloud appears above her head and showers her with unwanted rain. The story warmly illustrates Ella’s frustration in wanting to enjoy her day in the sunshine, and follows her amusing but futile attempts to dodge the rain.
This film will be Google Spotlight Stories most interactive short yet — as with other Spotlight Stories, the viewer can look around, and in doing so, can find subplots and surprises, in addition to hold for the viewer to return to main view before returning. Rain or Shine will launch on YouTube later this year.