Google launched „Made with Code“ in June 2014 to inspire girls to learn to code and see it as a means to pursue their dreams.
Google and 72andSunny LA got in touch to discuss making one more very special project…


For the 92nd Annual National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony at the President’s Park in Washington, on December 4th 2014, young girls were invited to code their own design which appeared on the 56 Christmas trees just outside of The White House.
Working with Google and 72andSunny in LA, Nexus Interactive Arts, led by Director Evan Boehm, created the website and light installation programme, enabling young girls to code their own unique light design, using an introductory programming language called Blockly. The girls were empowered to alter the colour, pattern and movement of the lights to create their own Christmas light show. Once coded, the designs were uploaded onto one of the 56 trees, each representing a different US state or territory.