Mind Enterprises Chapita

Mind Enterprises’ new single, Chapita, is brought to life by Eran Amir and nexus vr studio in this innovative and colourful VR experience, combining an ambitious 360 storytelling experience with cinemagraphs and clonemotion technology, and employing a pioneering custom built single camera rig. The result is an immersive 360 narrative in which the dancer leads us into a multi- coloured world of choreographed dance loops set against a backdrop of stark contrast that lends a sense of infinite space.


Available on YouTube 360 in 4K resolution; best viewed via the YouTube mobile app and headsets!
From MTV and Music Video Award-nominated videos to this stunning directorial debut, Eran Amir has already captivated a YouTube audience with millions of views on his videos, 500 people in 100 seconds and Black and White (In Colour), to name a few.