NEFF 2014 NEFF 2014

In 2014 we were approached by Neff and Hamburg based agency Philipp und Keuntje for the first time to create an event that would allow them to show their kitchen appliances in a new way and document it. For this we took several weeks to transform an old industrial building into a creative cooking space. In cooperation with directors duo Freier.Eckert we found a international group of people with backgrounds in painting, art, baking, singing and writing which shared a deep rooted passion for food. Before the actual event, all of them already got really excited, thinking of dishes and developing recipes, to cook in the group. Everything came together on one day in March, where we portrayed them during the course of a day while cooking, eating and generally having a good time, all the while incorporating the Neff appliances in a very natural and organic way. To complete the series, and during the course of several days, we furthermore created short feature films, where our cooks explained how some appliances work, did a big photo shoot for all print communication needed, created some very artistic photos and scenes with each cook that captured their individuality as much as their love of everything eatable and finally even created small documentaries about each of them. It was one of those projects, that you start as a mixed group of people and leave as friends.


… and it was definitely the best smelling sets we’ve ever worked on!