NEFF 2015 NEFF 2015

The international success and very positive feedback from all over the world of the 2014 Neff oven campaign lead to a second project in 2015, where we again created an event with cooks, but this time for the Neff cooktops. Again our goal was to bring people with different backgrounds together and share a unique experience. The bar was really high and we were confronted with the challenge to create something with the same vibe but without copying what we’d done the year before. The solution was – as so often – in the people. Looking for people in Berlin and London, we again very so wonderfully surprised by the unique and interesting people we found. As in the year before, directors Freier.Eckert used their extraordinary talent in teasing out the essence from each person, making them feel really comfortable in front of the camera and thus creating a lovely atmosphere in which people, experimented and laughed and cooked. This – in our opinion – is clearly visible in the films and gives the whole campaign an air of authenticity and ease without losing the connection to the brand.