NEFF 2016 NEFF 2016

In 2016, we again had the pleasure to work with NEFF on a new campaign. This time the aim was to show off the features of the new NEFF Hoods and to modify the concept in order to bring something fresh to the approach while at the same time to keep the spirit of the earlier campaigns.


So this time instead of bringing the cooks to us – we visited them at home. The results are beautiful portraits of people with their own interpretation of „headspace“ – the metaphorical room that allows room for creativity and freedom – a room given to you in the kitchen by the new innovative hood designs from Neff. Again we worked with Freier.Eckert and filmed in Hamburg (Germany), s’Hertogenbosch (Netherlands) and Percha (South Tyrol, Italy).


One of the great advantages of not shooting in a set up we created, was the variety of the many different places we shot at added to the films. We realized very quickly, that going into peoples homes adds some challenges, but above all creates an intimacy and heartfelt warmth we had not experienced before. It was one of these extraordinary jobs where you’re not only filmmakers, but where you become part of peoples lives and family. Truly extraordinary.


In addition to three very different films about three very different people, we also created a 360° film – for us a great use of media for a product which promotes “freeing your headspace” in the kitchen, by getting rid of the traditional chunky hanging hoods and offering a system which is integrated in you worktop – thus giving you more freedom in designing your kitchen and more room to look around!