Nikon 2014 Nikon 2014

In 2014 we started a campaign together with Nikon Amsterdam and Jung von Matt/Spree in Berlin and researched talents all over the world using Nikon cameras in a special way for their Art and Work.


We went to Hawaii to visit Clark Little and accompanied him on his chase for the perfect wave. An intriguing character and an amazingly told story. Watch his work on his website


Right after that we had the pleasure to work with Andrius and Egle from Lithuania on their journey through Spain. Andrius uses a glass bowl for his mind tricking photography and he has gathered a group of fans in social media by doing so. Our tour led us to Sevilla, Valencia and Barcelona – by plane, by train, by car and by bike – we used it all. At the end of it the pictures he shot during that tour have been shown in a small event exhibition place in Barcelona.


Both stories have been shot by Seattle based Director David Holm.