Nikon 2015 Nikon 2015

After the success in 2014 we continued our documentary stories for NIKON with two more talents. Ivar Eden from #2new4streetview out of Amsterdam and with Isabelle&Alexis from Paris. We had the chance to portrait them in Marseille, a beautiful and vivid city – with a lot of street art, a vivid skater scene and place for many artists to call their home. Just perfect for our two stories.


We portrayed Ivar Eden, who travels the world by putting up his temporary posters in unsual spaces and takes stills from people that spontaneously use them for. He had some fun and we let him do his thing in Marseille and watched what happened. Visit his Instagram Channel #2new4streetview.


And with Paris based photographer Duo Isabelle & Alexis we had the chance to participate in their Blossom Art Project. The beauty and obscurity of colored smoke bombs happening in special places – creating a beautiful imagery that is mind blowing and full of poetry. We experimented a bit with octocopters, places in and around Marseille and some other stuff and had quite a bit of fun, if we may say so.


Both stories have been shot again by Seattle based director David Holm.