The Chase Intel

Smith & Foulkes have created a dynamic new spot for Venables and Bell and Intel’s incredible new Core i5 processor – a breakneck, all-action chase scene which is the perfect showcase for the new processor’s amazing capacity. Using a dynamic mix of live action and animation, Smith & Foulkes used every trick in the action movie book and got some hot insider tips from their DOP, Oliver Wood, of Bourne trilogy fame, to create this thrilling spot. The result is a fantastically clever illustration of the Intel processor working at maximum capacity and showing just what the Core i5 can do.


After the success of the commercial, Intel engaged Nexus Interactive Arts to give people a chance to see the film unfold on their actual desktops. Developed together with Venables Bell & Partners and technical team El Mysterioso, we created a fast- paced version that uses HTML5 and JavaScript to play out the action across 80 moving and dynamically sized browser windows.