The Innovators Issue THE NEW YORKER

Nexus Interactive Arts collaborated with The New Yorker and the illustrator Christoph Neimann, on The New Yorker’s annual Innovators Issue, with an augmented-reality (AR) experience triggered by the front and back covers of the print.


The covers, designed by Christoph Niemann, bring a bustling subway car and city skyline to life. Niemann, a longtime New Yorker contributor, collaborated with Françoise Mouly, The New Yorker’s art editor, on the project.


Christoph worked closely with the Interactive Arts team to design and animate the 3D city and integrate the necessary technology to deliver a really rewarding AR experience.
With the May issue of the New Yorker and the app ‚Uncovr‘, you can experience an augmented-reality experience that transforms the printed page into an interactive event that readers can explore. Niemann has embedded hidden surprises within the cityscape that are discoverable by moving and tilting one’s device.